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Canby, OR 97013
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Green Dentistry
Environmentally Responsible Dentist in Canby, OR.
It's time for every industry to conserve resources, and dentistry has an important role to play. You'd be surprised how much waste and pollution is generated by a single dental practice.neal family dental we recycle dr neal

Being environmentally conscious isn't just good for the planet; it's good for our patients, agriculture, and our community as well. Here are some ways our office strives to do our part in keeping our patients and our environment healthy.

Green Team Environmental Initiatives:
•  Water and Energy Conservation
•  Recycling/Waste and Pollution Reduction
•  Recycling/Waste Reduction
•  Eliminate Inefficiencies
•  Utilize select dental supply companies to reduce packaging and carbon footprint since less boxes are shipped to our office
•  Energy Star appliances
•  Paperless Charts: Since Nov, 2014, our computer network and digital X-ray has become firmly established, we utilize this system to reduce our paper, ink, and film consumption at Neal Family Dental. Each time you visit our office, your dental chart entries, x-rays, intra-oral photos, perio charting, and medical history are electronically stored in our network and a off-site back-up.
•  Digital X-rays: are environmentally friendly, not only do digital sensors reduce X-ray exposure by 1/6th they also protect the environment by eliminating the need for chemical (lead and silver) disposal. Instant images provide time savings, increasing the time your dentist and hygienist can spend chair side with you, less time waiting, shorter appointments, larger images to help you understand your treatment. Also, our patient X-ray protective aprons are lead-free. Our digital implementation began Nov, 2014 and was completed one year later with installation of our new Planmeca digital panographic radiographic unit and removal of our old chemical film processor.
•  Amalgam Separator: An amalgam separator receptacle ensures the safe disposal of old silver and mercury fillings eliminating pollution to our local ecology.
•  Energy-efficient Lighting and Timers: Energy efficient bulbs cost more but last longer, use less energy, and therefore, save money and the environment in the long term. We are in the process of replacing halogen and xeon bulbs with environmentally safer LED light bulbs or updating existing fluorescent ballasts. We have installed timers on our lights and some equipment so that we can reduce electricity usage and extend the life of the light bulbs and equipment, and thus, reducing environmental impact of manufacturing new bulbs and equipment.
•  Thermostats and HVAC Maintenance: Our HVAC units have a maintenance schedule to keep them operating and peak performance. We have updated all our thermostats, ensuring a more even temperature through out our office and reducing energy consumption.
•  Windows: replaced windows and skylights with double paned, sound proof models, reducing heat and cooling costs over 40%. Providing a more comfortable, quiet dental experience for our patients.
•  Recycling: Every week our office recycles cardboard, paper, plastic, and glass. This lessens roughly half of what would have gone in our land fill. We received a certificate from Shred-it shredding and recycling program that we saved over 13 trees from destruction in 2014 alone.
•  Dental Instrument Recycling : We either donate our dull or broken instruments to local artists or hobbyists. The remaining instruments get repurposed with the HuFriedy Environdent instrument recycling and exchange program.
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